The Official Website for the Village of Portage

Portage is an Ohio village located 2 miles South of Bowling Green and is bisected by State Route 25. While we are a small village, we are continually striving to improve all aspects of our community. Portage water tower at dusk We do this in spite of the obstacles and issues that we face and are driven by the ideal that by working together for the common good of all members of our community, we can achieve our goals.

In the second quarter of 2009 Portage was placed in Fiscal Emergency due to the existing deficiencies in our General Fund, Street Fund, and Park Fund and the projections of a complete fiscal failure by 2011. Since that time we have implemented a multitude of operational changes that have resulted in a significant improvement in the future prospects of our community. As a result of these changes, we have eliminated the deficits in both the Street Fund and the Park Fund while reducing the deficit in the General Fund by more than half of its peak. We've accomplished this feat during a historically poor economy and while weathering the significant reductions in support from the State of Ohio.

Even though we were in such dire straits, we have been able to maintain the essential services of the community and have worked to improve on the village. We were recently able to improve Walnut Street through the receipt of a Community Development Block Grant. We also grew the community through the annexation of the quarry to our South. We have started improvement projects in Enright Park (through the generous donations of individuals and businesses) that include the addition of a sand volleyball court and a second baseball field, while working to improve the existing amenities. We also received a new Veterans and Armed Services Memorial through the efforts of a local Scout as he completed his Eagle Scout Project.

We are continuing our efforts to improve the community with the receipt of a second Community Development Block Grant that will address the storm drains that are collapsing in the middle of and along the east side of SR 25. We are working to complete the projects that we started in Enright Park and will continue our improvement efforts through additional projects. We continue to work on our fiscal responsibility in order to ensure that these efforts will not be the only appropriate improvements that we accomplish.

Even though the challenges we have faced and continue to address can seem insurmountable, especially when we started to correct our issues, we thrive by facing our challenges with energy and determination in order to provide for a better future for all residents and business that call Portage home. As we continue to address the obstacles and issues that are in front of us, we are steadied by the progress we have made. We hope that this progress is apparent to our community and that you'll join us in our efforts to improve Portage.